Star Medical Group, LLC - Internal Medicine
An Internal medicine physician (internist) specializes in the non-surgical treatment adults.  An Internist is knowledgeable about a broad range of adult symptoms and diseases, which allows for the caring of patients with both simple and complex problems.
The practice of internal medicine is considered a comprehensive specialty and because of the internist’s ability to view the patient as a whole, they serve a critical role in managing and coordinating health care across all stages of an adult’s life.

The Internist is specially trained to help prevent, detect, and treat diseases in adults and to manage chronic diseases.  Some of the more common diseases and condition treated include:

·         General medical exams
·         Diabetes
·         High Cholesterol
·         Abdominal pain
·         Management of blood thinners
·         Chest pain
·         Lower back pain
·         Heart disease
·         Pain in an extremity
·         Coughs and other respiratory illnesses
·         Urinary tract infection
·         Asthma
·         Acute upper-respiratory infection
·         Malaise and fatigue
·         Hypothyroidism
·         COPD (emphysema)
·         Pneumonia
·         Anxiety
·         Headache

We also treat acute complaints, including infections, abdominal issues, rashes, joint pain, and headaches. Preventative care can include updating vaccines, annual wellness exams, recommending cancer screenings, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and working with patients to help control risk factors such as elevated blood pressure, obesity, elevated blood sugars and high cholesterol.

Whether visiting our practice for a particular complaint or an annual check-up, the healthcare providers at Star Medical Group focus on each patient’s overall health. We often create long-term care plans which can include medication management, diagnostic testing, and collaboration with specialists.

Same day appointments are welcome, and we accept most insurance plans.  

You may reach us at: Phone (615) 459-5500  Fax (615) 459-5541.
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